The Crypt

Official The Crypt Whitepaper, last updated Dec 2021


The Crypt is a massively multiplayer series of games and quests with its heart in the Lootverse. Along the way seekers will be able to collaborate and compete, uncovering epic rewards as they go.

Being built on-chain, the game’s rules, assets and actors are written into the block-chain. This means that The Crypt is composable and rewards players with ownership of their spoils.

Each game will be released Chapter by Chapter, building on the past and setting in stone the lore of the future.

By starting simple and releasing regularly we envision the Seekers of the Crypt to help shape its future.

Relics of The Crypt

Relics are The Crypt's foundational asset. Competing in the game's early Chapters offers a chance to win them. We fully intend on providing utility in our future projects via access rights, token drops and more.

Ethereum Blockchain and Beyond

By designing the early Chapters for Ethereum, Seekers can bring their most valued digital possessions to the game. Currently, these high value assets come at the cost of high fees. So, as The Crypt progresses through chapters, it will move to a chain with low transaction fees that supports millions of players, engaging in complex gameplay, while still accessing the original assets. We're monitoring the block-chain ecosystem carefully before deciding where The Crypt will move.

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