Part 1: The Raids

Chapter by Chapter seekers will have the chance to raid the dungeons of the Crypt, unearthing the Crypt's foundational NFT the Relics.

  1. Chapter 1 was released in January 2022 and allowed original Loot holders to raid 16 dungeons and claim some of the rarest Relics of the Crypt.

  2. Chapter 2 was released in March 2022. Here we invite moreLoot holders to raid 16 dungeons, unearthing more of the lost Relics.

  3. Chapter 3 was released in April 2022. New to this Chapter is a levelling system per Dungeon whereby only certain types of loot can raid per level. This time we invite original Loot holders, moreLoot holders and Genesis Loot holders to raid.

New Chapters are to be released on a regular basis. More information on future Chapters will be announced as the team progress with their development.

Along with the release of Chapters, ongoing competitions will also give seekers a chance to win Relics. Read more on these here.

Part 2: The Seismic Event

Something colossal is looming...

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